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Silicon (Solar panels and more)

Essentially we recycle the extra silicon remaining in semiconductor manufacturing processes, supplying these for the production of solar cells in the world market.

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The scraps and excess materials of semiconducting grade silicon are thrown out in the manufacturing processes of integrated circuits. Through recycling we are able to provide these again as production materials for solar cell technologies. Solar panels are becoming more popular among existing electricity generators and it is necessary for solar cell manufacturers to be provided silicon with exceptional quality. Thus, we play a crucial role in the manufacturing relationships between silicon makers and semiconductor companies.

Handled scrap

  • Slurry silicon wafer

  • Silicon pod scrap

  • Silicon ring

  • Silicon seed

  • Silicon blue tape

  • Silicon electrode

  • Silicon target

  • Silicon ingot

  • Silicon ingot rubbish

  • Silicon Top & tail

  • Silicon crack wafer

  • Silicon wafer rubbish

  • Wafer box