Technology OneBuying waste materials especially nonferous, precious and rare metals.
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Sparse resources are recycled, and the value of the resource is invented again.

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    Silicon (Solar panels and more)

    We recycle the extra silicon remaining in semiconductor manufacturing processes, supplying these for the production of solar cells in the world market.

    Materials: Silicon, Silicon ingot, Silicon potscrpe, Silicon wafer, wafer box, etc.
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    Carbon materials

    We recycle and sell carbon, SIC and cokes.

    Materials: Carbon, SIC, Cokes, etc.
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    Electronic device

    With high prices, we buy and collect old electronic devices disposed by renewing decrepit facilities.

    Materials: Cellular phone, Data server, Monitor, etc.
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    Iron and Nonferrous materials

    We buy iron, common metals (copper, lead, zinc, aluminum) and stainless Steel used in the manufacturing process.

    Materials: Copper, Lead, Zinc, Aluminum, etc.
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    Precious metals and Minor metals

    We recycle waste materials and take minor metals to be utilized into what in called "industry vitamins". We propose an efficient use of "urban mines".

    Materials: Cobalt, Nickel, Vanadium, Chromium, Tungsten wire, etc.
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