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Electronic device

With high prices, we buy and collect old electronic devices disposed by renewing decrepit facilities.

We recycle metallic resources in electronic devices and supply these to manufacturers. We treat a wide range of materials from manufacturing facilities to OA equipment. We completely delete the secret data encoded for data and security protection. Moreover, we collect all kinds of mobile phones disused by model changing.

Handled scrap

  • Cellular phone

  • Cellular phone

  • High voltage
    power supply

  • Data server

  • Control cabinet

  • Molding transformer

  • UPS for magnet

  • Switch relay board

  • Switchboard

  • Transformer

  • Telecamera

  • Compressor

  • High frequency
    power supply controller

  • power supply unit

  • DC power supply for
    tank bottom heater

  • Measurement

  • Data server

  • Keyboard

  • Game equipment

  • Switch panel

  • Capacitor

  • Hard disk

  • Electronic substrate

  • Electronic substrate

  • Acoustical instrument

  • LED

  • Lap-top computer

  • Liquid crystal monitor

  • VCR

  • Printer