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Privacy policy

Technology One deeply recognizes that your personal information is important that constitutes your privacy and when dealing with the personal information in business, we will observe the laws and regulations related to personal information and will respond to your expectation and reliance on us.

Handling Personal Information

  1. Definition of personal information

    Personal information means personally identifiable and referenceable as a specific individual using the following information:
    Name, birth date, sex, occupation, telephone No., address, e-mail address
    Personal ID No., password, sign, etc. given by an individual
    Moreover, personal information includes information that is not identifiable only with itself, but can easily refer to other information which results in identifying a specific individual.

  2. Collection/Use of personal information

    We must have consent from you when collecting your personal information, and will not collect and use it without notice. Our purpose in collecting and using your personal information is as follows:

    • To send you the data and catalogues that you requested
    • To respond your opinion and request
    • To confirm and send information that you require to use various campaigns and the gallery.
    • To develop and improve products, and offer services that are more attractive and worthy for you
    • In addition, when it is necessary to contact with you for a certain reason
  3. Disclosure of personal information

    Except for the following cases, we do not disclose personal information to any third party.

    • When you consent to disclose
    • When our business agents require your information to deliver the goods and create our Web sites. (In entrusting a part of our business to a business tie-up, your information shall be controlled in the same manner as our company.)
    • When personal information is disclosed to the extent that is required for subsidiary companies, etc. (In this case we take measures, such as concluding a nondisclosure agreement.)
    • When it is judged that it is legally required.
    • When we judge that you exerted a disadvantage on a third party.
    • When it is thought to be required for your or the public interest.
  4. Control of personal information

    Your personal information is controlled under a safe environment to which a third party cannot access. Our company organization is prepared so that destruction, alteration, disclosure of data, etc. may not take place.

  5. Personal information inquiry,correction,and removal

    When you need to refer to, correct, and delete your personal information, please ask here. From the viewpoint of personal data leak prevention, we will disclose correct, and delete your personal information within a reasonable period as long as we can verify that the request comes from yourself.

  6. Handling personal information in the Internet service

    In order to prevent disclosure of your personal information to the outside regarding the Internet service we provide you, we offer SSL security in some of our sites.
    Cookies may be used at each of our Web sites for the following:

    • To improve and abolish the contents, and offer services customized for an individual customer so that you will be more satisfied
    • To analyze the kind of service you are interested in, or to use your information for effective Web delivery of our advertisement
    • You can refuse to receive cookies or display a warning when receiving a cookie by setting up your browser. Please note that there are some cases where you cannot receive the service, when cookies are refused.
  7. Change and notice of privacy policy

    The contents of the privacy policy will be changed if needed. Since we cannot inform the customer each time when changing, please refer to the newest contents of this page when using.

  8. About an inquiry

    Please enquire on your own personal information, contents of this page, or complaints, if you have any, to:

    Tel. 027-388-8484Inquiry form