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While it is a fact that resources are limited,
it is entirely possible to increase the amount of reusable resources.

Japan has limited resources. On the other hand, high technology manufacturing is one of the prime industries in Japan, which uses a lot of rich metals for production. How much of the waste materials from the manufacturing process are recycled? According to statistics, the amount of metallic resources used here, especially the minor metals (called as “rare metals” in Japan), is the equivalent of two years of consumption for the whole world. Hence, it is possible to reuse resources if the recycling system is fully utilized. In a sense, Japan represents a potential resource country, particularly if we consider all Japanese manufacturing plants as being no different than the mines with mineral resources.

Technology One must play a similar role of enhancing the resources taken by manufacturers from those mines, that is, by aiming to reuse and recycle natural resources thrown out so far. We become part of the production cycle that lets Japanese industry concentrate on efficient and lean manufacturing operations. We endeavor to make our supplying system flexible to respond to changing demand for resources in the manufacturing revolution. We strive to build the future recycling environment with our customers.

This is a promise. We will continue to work with sustained energy and effort to achieve our mission and make a difference for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or consultation you may need.

Ichiro Oshino
Representative Director
Technology One Co., Ltd.