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Philosophy and Policy

  1. 01Management

    We assess the intrinsic potential or actual value of "human capital" and "natural resource" which should be used more effectively, giving them new value, and bridging opportunities to share with the world.
    "Rebirth" means to discover and produce a new value to something that has not been realized, and is different from "recycle". As part of our mission, we offer this reborn value and contribute meaningfully to society.

  2. 02Quality

    We always respond to the needs of society by supplying products and services that meet or exceed customer satisfaction. We constantly attempt to improve quality and control skills through personnel training and imbibe the spirit of inquiry for rebirth. Moreover, we aim to promote continual Kaizen, which means betterment and improvement, with an ambitious and challenging spirit.

  3. 03Environment

    Through rebirth, we endeavor to pursue recycling and reusing of resources, save energy at all times, and provide high quality standards our customers. On the other hand, we implement environmental safeguards by properly disposing and recycling waste materials. We constantly aim to prevent pollution by providing environment-friendly products and services. We achieve and check the purposes and goals established within an environmental framework. We strive to reconstruct better environmental systems for the benefit of society at large.